Dayum, That’sa Ugly Ba-baaaaaay

This week has nothing to do with ugly babies or Stephen Lynch, I just like this song far more than I should.

Wednesday, I believe that all I did was sit on my bum and eat HoneyCombs. I don’t quite remember; I was still exhausted from work the night prior. I’m pretty sure that only one sentient thought passed through my brain on this particular day was the following:

Okay, I still have mad love for Columbia, but I think Kansas City’s one redeeming quality is that on any given night, somewhere in the Metro area there is a seedy dive bar that’s hosting a karaoke night.

Which led to:

Let’s do the damn thing.

I don’t think it’s possible for me to explain how much I love karaoke, so I won’t. I’ll just say that once upon a time, I thought that karaoke was the key component to world peace, but this guy has proven me wrong. Bastard.
I love to sing and I’ve performed in all sorts of venues, but standing up in front of a crowd of mostly-drunk strangers is a new challenge.

My plan was to go solo, once again, to a random karaoke mesto, rock out (with choreography? oh hells yes.),  chat it up with some random people, try out some whack pick-up lines, just for kicks and giggles, and then go on my merry way.
Sounds okay, yes? Sure. But I got a little distracted. I’d planned to go Thursday night, but then my friend’s mom offered to help me fix my sewing machine and make a project. I thought it would only take a few hours, but at 10:30, I was still at her house and barely halfway done with a pink-polka dot wrap skirt (It’s super-cute, by the way).

So I rescheduled to Friday, and all was going well until I found myself in the craft section at Walmart, looking at thread. The next thing I know, it’s 10pm and I’m putting the finishing touches on a kickin’ dress. While I was making it, I kept trying to justify myself by saying, “Oh, when it’s done, I’ll wear it to karaoke. It’ll be fine! I’ll be fine!”

In the end, it turned out that I couldn’t have gone tonight anyway, because apparently, weekends are karaoke-free in KC. I’m sure that’s not entirely true and that my source is just limited, but I have to work at 5am tomorrow anyway, so it’s better this way.

Oh well. At least I have a killer dress.  Aaaand, my digital camera just died.  Brilliant.  Pictures tomorrow.


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