Week 4: Dance! Too Much Booty In the Pants

Do a ‘wake up’ dance every morning. Learn new dance moves. Have a random dance breakout party every day. Invite people to join in.

While I do not have too much booty in my pants, I do like to dance. I’ve found that many of life’s minor problems (and some major ones too) can be rectified by merely busting a move every now and then. You don’t need lessons, you just have to feel the music and go with it. Dancing, in my opinion, is just wiggling with style. And, you can do it anywhere, at work, in the shower (with non-slip mats firmly in place, pleaseandthankyou!), in your car, wherever and whenever the spirit moves you. Huzzah!

I love to dance already, so this week isn’t anything out of the ordinary. To make things a bit more challenging (and to make up for last week’s pathetic attempts at boldness) , I’m adding some other tasks to the pot:

  1. Do a little dance every hour, on the hour, for at least 1 minute. Exceptions: sleeping, business functions, social situations where it would be grossly inappropriate to do so.
  2. Invite people to dance with you. Yes, do it. Just do it. Be bold, remember? Tiger? Grrraaaawwwwrrrrr!
  3. Take a class somewhere, preferably in salsa or swing, the two banes of your existence. (I used to take salsa lessons, but I stopped and got really rusty, so now I avoid it. I’ve always hated swing dancing, for some strange reason.) There are all sorts of places around town that offer a free first lesson, so take advantage of them.
  4. Go clubbing and shake what yo’ mama gave ya.

Maybe that last one needs explanation. Not to perpetuate racial stereotypes or anything, but I’m kind of a disgrace to the black community. I can’t dance. I mean, I can dance, as in tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, salsa, cumbia, tango (and a mean cha-cha slide), but I can’t dance, you know what I mean? I’m just not into all the booty-shaking, hip-rocking, pop-lock-and-drop it business. On the oh-so-rare occasions that I’ve tried, I always felt really awkward and uncomfortable. Oh well. Time to get over it.

This week will be scads of fun. So far, I’ve danced to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” and now I am sore. Brilliant.


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  1. 1

    Kate said,

    I love the title of this one, obviously.

    Also, I discovered what #52 should be! “Write a book in my incredibly witty style reflecting upon these last 51 weeks of triumph.”

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