Wrapup: Do a Little Dance, Wear Some Crazy Pants…

A quick summary:

  • The “random-dance-party-breakout-every-hour-on-the-hour” idea was quickly scrapped, for no other reason than it was just damn ridiculous.  Nice try, Camry.
  • The best morning dance songs: “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” -My beloved Jimi Hendrix; “I’m So Happy” – Hocus Pick; “Kansas City” – The Beatles version (because OMG, PAUL MCCARTNEY!!!!!); “Everything is Alright” – Motion City Soundtrack; anything with a funkified bassline…ohhhhhhyeah
  • I didn’t learn a new dance everyday, but I did perfect the “Berries & Cream” dance from those creepy Starburst commercials and demonstrated it at work.
  • My crowning achievement:  I dressed up as a giant iced, blended beverage (think frappuccino meets Shake from Aquateen Hunger Force) and danced out on the corner, hopefully triggering thoughts into the passers-by such as, “My goodness, look at that giant, icy, blended beverage.  It looks delicious.  I must satiate my thirst at [my coffee shop] right away!”.  Instead, it probably triggered thoughts like, “Why is that giant milkshake doing the robot on the corner?”    I’m not a milkshake, damnit.  I’m a delicious iced, blended beverage.    Anyway, I wish I had pictures, because it was pretty ballin’
  •   I skipped salsa for a much-needed father-daughter-running-errands/heart-to-heart trip.  we had a good chat.
  • I’ve decided I want to become an interior designer.  And learn to play the melodica.
  • Oh, how could I forget!  I met Owen, the creator of the documentary-in-progress An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrists, who was my inspiration for making my own list.    He is a pretty chill fellow, and watching a sneak preview of the documentary was really interesting.  Of course some of the things on his list are in jest, but he did a lot of soul-searching and introspection throughout his year, and it really shows.  I can’t wait to see the whole thing.   If he doesn’t win some awards for this, I’m going to….write some strongly worded letters.  Yeah.  That’ll show ’em.
  • I tried to make a better version of last week’s dress and I failed miserably.  Master sewer I am not.

I’d love to write more, but I’m going to visit my g-ma in the hospital tomorrow.   I fear that this may be the last time I ever see her.

Nos vemos,


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