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Lucy, You Got Some ‘Splainin’ to Do….

Last week, wordpress was acting wonky, for some reason, and I couldn’t post.   No worries, because I didn’t do anything anyway.

Well, I *did* things, but not list-things.   No time, no time.  I’m juggling a bachelorette party, a wedding, a grassroots mentoring program, an anti-human-trafficking conference, two jobs, an ill-timed obsession with sewing/interior design, a mildly dysfunctional family, and the desire to eat, sleep, and practice good hygiene….all at once.  Oh, and a social life.  Ha.  Yeah, about that….

I can’t do everything, even though I surely do try.

This week, I’m spending most of my time packing, since I’m moving back to Columbia for the school year. I figured that since I have to go through all of my stuff anyway, now would be a good time to tackle #9 on the list:

Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall Cleaning: Deep clean your entire abode, one room at a time (and your car! And your purse!!). De-clutter and de-junkify your life. Go through all your earthly possessions and organize them. If you need them, catalog them. If not, toss them or give them away.

Brilliant.  My car is a filthy pit of despair.  It’s about time I tackled the beast.

So far, I’ve gone through all of my goodies in the basement: I have a lot of books, fake flowers, and cell phone chargers.  Tons.  My cup overfloweth with them.

What else is going on in my life?
I made a new skirt (yes, yes, I know.  Screw you for judging me).  It’s beautiful, but once again, I have no pictures.
I’ve stopped eating meat (for rather strange reasons), which means I’ve lost weight (not good).
I’ve decided to get over some things/people in my life and stop acting like an emotional retard.
I’m starting to become the person that I always wanted to be, and I kind of like that.  Sweet action.
The ‘u’ key on my laptop is broken.
Classes start in 15 days, muthapunks!
Watermelon is on its way to becoming the official vegetable of Oklahoma.



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