These are my main concrete goals in life, in no particular order:

*Get my PhD in linguistics, with a focus in sociolinguistics, language acquisition or phonology/dialectics, teach at a university

* Become a semi-successful singer/songwriter, perform in the community and beyond, release a CD under my own label

* Get out of debt, stay that way
* Buy my dad a condo in Chicago when he retires

* Fall in love, get married, have a kid or two, have a grandkid or seven

* Travel to a Spanish-speaking country, kick it for a few years

I’m writing these down because I lack focus in my life, which is why I’m at a standstill. I have a very laid-back approach to life, you know “life is about the journey, not the destination”, “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”, and all that bullshit. I don’t take it seriously. I never have, and I tend to look down on those that do.  For some reason, I equate “having concrete, attainable career/life goals” with “becoming boring yuppie scum”, so all of my goals are really abstract, like “learn to love myself”, “bring joy into the lives of others”, “make the world a better place”, and all that hippy-dippy crap.

There is a happy medium between living in a cookie-cutter suburbanite cardboard box and living in an actual cardboad box.  I’m determined to find it.

Goals are not bad, aspirations are not bad, working in Corporate America or even *gasp* for El Gobierno is not so bad.

Okay.  Reality check is over.  I’m going to go bake cookies!


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  1. 1

    I will marrie you if you want. said,

    I’m not much of a writer, but I would like to get to know more about you and
    see where we could take life. I have read what you wrote about the 52 things
    to do with in a year. And I’m going to do the same for myself. It is a great to
    have a few things you just don’t flake out on. I and going to write my list down
    tonight. And one of them will for sure end this singles run I have been have.
    and if you decline I know for sure ibwould want a beautifully inspiring woman like
    you. And someone who I think would give life, unsertanty nuggie and continue
    to make lemon aid.


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