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The Doughnuts in Our Dreams are not Doughnuts, Only Dreams…

Hello my fantastic fictional audience,

How is life going for you? I have had my ups and downs, let me TELL YOU, Internet World! But I think that it’s safe to say that life is good.

I have been doing things on my list, unofficially, and in non-list format.

I took a shot at vegetarianism (#3) for a week (okay, I cracked after 5 days and gorged myself on turkey meatballs. Whatever. Screw you for judging me. It still counts as a week…-ish. A work week, perhaps?).

It wasn’t so bad; I discovered that garden vegetable couscous salad is The Truth™. Veggie sushi? Perhaps not The Truth™, but definitely quite high on the Hierarchy of Tastiness. The only bad thing about that week was that while I was limiting my caloric intake, I was increasing my activity level, which means I ended up losing a few pounds. Most normal people wouldn’t mind this, but I’m somewhat underweight already due to good genes and bad eating habits.

I’ve started learning/re-learning a few languages (for #26 on the list): Icelandic, Catalan (re-learning), Lusaamia (a Bantu dialect spoken in Kenya),
My favorite phrase is from Lusaamia: Okutwi nya endjofu, which roughly translates to: “Ooohhh, you got some big ol’ elephant ears!!”

I think that this coming weekend will count for #49 (Movie Madness) because my town is hosting the 5th Annual True/False Film Festival. From Thursday to Sunday, 30-some-odd films and shorts will be on display for the fine citizens of Columbia and whatever tourists dare to make the trek to the desolate cultural wasteland that is Mid-Missouri. I’ve got at least 10 films on my must-see list, I’m just trying to find a way to fit them all into my schedule. With the exception of my volunteer shifts for the Festival and a 90’s Party on Saturday night, I’ve canceled all my plans for the weekend. I’m balls-to-the-wall hardcore.

Here’s a fun fact: ‘An Alternative to Slitting Your Wrist’, the documentary that inspired me to create my own list/blog, will be featured there. Owen emailed me a few weeks ago with the good news. How exciting! Exciting for him, for me, and for the world in general. I’ve yet to see the documentary in its entirety; I only saw the sneak preview when Owen was touring this summer. I can’t wait to see the whole thing. I’m actually going to go see it tonight! For free! Huzzah!

I think that seeing the film will give me some clarity and some perspective. I’ve sort of felt guilty about taking on Owen’s idea as my own, simply because he and I were in two completely different phases of life when we both started. His catalyst for creating the list was a failed suicide attempt, mine was just plain-old boredom, perhaps with a bit of wanderlust. I just feel like I’ve sort of trivialized something that was very significant to him. It was his therapy of sorts. I’ve treated my own list like a hobby or a plaything. Granted, if I had more accountability or someone else doing this list with me, perhaps I’d be more serious about it.

But…I don’t think that I’m *not* serious about The List; I just think that I’m unstructured. I’ve been incorporating a lot of the activities into my daily life in a random, haphazard sort of way and it’s worked well.

I have scads of free time this semester since I’m only officially taking 7 hours of classes (and three of those hours are an independent study). I’m involved in a lot of other activities, but my time is ridiculously abundant, in comparison to years past. So I think I’ll start the list up again, in a structured manner. It will prevent me from wasting ample amounts of free time doing stupid things like perusing Cute Overload, Mental Floss or Metafilter.

Can I just take a minute to say that I freaking *love* Cute Overload? Seriously. What the hell. The cuteness is just ridonculous. It’s like cutecrack. Egads.


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