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Starting Over

Oh, how life has changed!

My brain has deteriorated so much since I last wrote here. I’m not used to writing anymore. It’s actually quite difficult. I’ll try anyway.

Obviously, I’ve abandoned my list, for reasons I’d rather not get into. Perhaps my fictive bubble popped and reality seeped in.


I want to start over. Perhaps it will help me to regenerate my brain and my creativity.

I have never gone this long without writing. Even before I knew how to write, I was constantly practicing pretend cursive all over my mother’s checks.

I drink too much. I zone out. Conversations are hard. Math is impossible.

Love is real, though. I’ve been in a relationship for one year now. It is incredible and exciting and wonderful. I love this man. He challenges me and makes me reevaluate myself and the way I view the world. He inspires me to mejorarme (this concept feels better, lexically in Spanish than in English).

Look, even thinking of him makes my diction/writing ability improve, if only slightly so.

I’m starting the list again. I will return.

My extremities are always cold.


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