The List


1. Every Sunday, I’ll pick a task at random. If it’s not feasible, due to prescheduled events, weather or financial limitations, I can pick another, but I must do the next one chosen, chilly weather/finals/brokeness be damned!

2. I think that’s the only rule. Sweet!

3. No wait, one more. I have to journal/blog about the insight I gained through doing this activity. The weeks aren’t some Kajagoogoo one-hit wonders; I must strive to incorporate the lessons I learned into my daily life. For example, I can’t go hug a tree one week and then burn down a rainforest the next. That’s a definite party foul.

4. (7/01/07) Here’s another: Don’t spend pantsloads of money. Be the mistress of frugality.


A work in progress:

1. Early Worm: Wake up early every morning and go for a walk or do yoga. Make breakfast. Enjoy the sunrise. It helps if you get to bed before 10pm.

2. RAKA: Random Acts of Kindness and Appreciation – At least once a day, do something nice for someone AND let someone know that you appreciate them. They need not be the same person. Be creative! (Here’s one: Buy something small at a restaurant, like a desert or something, and leave the waitress a huge tip. $20+)

3. Vegan Vixen: Avoid consuming any animal products this week. (After the week is over, go to Applebee’s & gorge yourself on the Bruschetta Burger, if it’s still around. Mmmmm!)

4. Ticklin’ the Ivories: Learn a new song everyday on the piano (either by ear or by sheet music). Try new styles (jazz, romantic, etc)

5. A Picture is Worth: Go someplace new everyday and take pictures. Be invasive. Get out of your comfort zone. Ask the photo-journalism majors for help in breaking down that barrier.

6. Ars Artis Gratia: Create a new work of art everyday using a different medium. Be creative (duh!)

7. Luddite Living: No computer use, except for email and classwork. (Deactivate that facebook, missy!) No TV, no Wii.

8. No Regrets: Write down all of your failures and regrets in life. Invite others to do the same. Get together to make a giant regret-fueled bonfire. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

9. Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall Cleaning: Deep clean your entire abode, one room at a time (and your car! And your purse!!). De-clutter and de-junkify your life. Go through all your earthly possessions and organize them. If you need them, catalog them. If not, toss them or give them away.

10. Sew Cute: Make a pretty dress or skirt. Wear it proudly.

11. Plain Jane: T-shirt (plain/non-fitted) and jeans. No makeup. No snazzy headbands. Stud earrings. No cute shoes. No perfume. Try not to smile too much, if you can.

12. Pretty Pretty Princess: Prettify thyself! Manicure, pedicure, facial, sugaring, make up, hair, the works! And dress up everyday, if possible.

13. Old Time Religion: Fast, pray, and cover your hair. Read the Gospels in their entirety. Figure out this Jesus fellow.

14. Reading Rainbow: A book a day is pushing it, don’t you think? How about one good long novel this week, or two shorties?

15. Tech Support: Go through all of your emails and documents. Delete old ones and back up important ones by using gmail. Back up your cellphone numbers, and your music files, if possible.

16. Dear Diary: Take an hour a day to journal, reflect on your day/life/mood/current situation, etc. Introspect your heart out!

17. Forgive and Forget: Make a list of the people you’re angry with. Write them a letter (you don’t have to mail it). Focus on the good qualities of that person. Then let it go!

18. Superstar: Write a song and perform it somewhere this week. You know you want to. Throw in some karaoke for good measure too.

19. Tree Hugger: Be environmentally conscious this week. Go pick up litter in the park. Ride your bike everywhere. Recycle/reuse as much as possible. Match what you spend this week and send it to an environmental charity/organization. Plant a tree, then go spend some time hanging out in one (not the one you just planted, obviously…).

20. Crafty Lady: You know all those DIY projects you’ve been meaning to try out? Do them this week! Craft your little heart out.

21. Lovin’ from the Oven: Bake some goodies (breads, cookies, cakes, pies) from scratch and give them to friends, family, and community members.

22. Daytripper: – Plan a day-long trip to somewhere you’ve never been, spend the next five days excited, and then take the trip on the last day of the week

23. New Kids on the Block: Make new friends! Start a conversation with a stranger. Become the master of the small-talk domain!!! Don’t be creepy, though…

24. Fit to Print: Read a different newspaper everyday, every article, cover to cover.

25. Catching Up: Write/call/email/facebook(sigh…) old friends and relatives to see how their lives are going.

26. Polyglot: Learn 10 basic phrases (and some random ones too) in a new language each day. Try to incorporate them into general conversation.

27. Viva el Español: speak/write/think/read completely in Spanish. Watch the Spanish channel too.

28. Flower Child: Flowers! Wear them, plant them, give them, pick them, draw them!

29. Get Lost: Go exploring! Drive one day, then bike, then use the bus, then walk…Just wander around and see what you find (or what finds you).

30. People to People: People-watch throughout the day, but also have a designated “people-watching” hour each day. Write stories about the people you see.

31. Let’s Dance: Do a ‘wake up’ dance every morning. Learn new dance moves. Have a random dance breakout party every day. Invite people to join in.

32. A Week of (Semi)Vices: Buy a pipe and cigars! (no pot). Let handsome, charming men buy you drinks! (repay them with nothing but a smile) Experiment with different alcoholic beverages! (avoid excessive drunkenness) Invent new curse words! (in your head) Eat fatty foods! (no caveats on this one, just do it!)

33. Jokester: Learn a new joke everyday. Incorporate it into every conversation. If you’re feeling particularly brave, write your own standup comedy routine and find a place to perform it!

34. Giving Back: Volunteer at a local community-service facility (homeless shelter, soup kitchen, retirement home, etc.)

35. Scribbles: Learn calligraphy. Improve your everyday handwriting.

36. Saving All My Love for You: Try going a week without spending a single cent. If you do end up spending anything, match that amount and put it in your savings account.

37. Don’t Fear the Reaper (of Rejection): Be bold. Enter contests. Flirt with cute strangers. Audition/apply for things you have no business auditioning/applying for. But please stay away from Club Vogue.

38. School Your Tastebuds: Limit your diet to foods you’ve never tried before.

39. Dreamweaver: Keep a record of your dreams this week. Eating Chinese food and brushing your teeth with your left hand before bed may help stimulate some really trippy ones.

40. Tea for Two or Twenty: Have a tea party! Victorian or Japanese! Hot or cold! Don’t forget the snackie-snacks.

41. Something New from Someone Old(er): Find as many people over the age of 50 as you can. Ask them to teach you an important life skill or life lesson that they feel is dying out among your generation (like tying a bowtie, baking from scratch, or more abstract things). Watch and learn, grasshopper.

42. The Gift Gnome: Pick 4 of your moderately close friends at random. Make them special, personalized little gifts that reflect their personality or your relationship. Maybe an inspiration journal, or a photo collage with photos of things that start with the letters of the person’s name.

43. Def Poetry Jam: Read poetry, classic or contemporary. Write your own new poem everyday.

44. Where in the World: Pick a country off the map everyday and learn about its culture, history, government, etc. Go beyond wikipedia if you can. Even better: make a food from that country for dinner.

45. Proliferate Your Lexicon: Learn three new words each day. Try to incorporate them into your daily conversations.

46. Survival of the Fittest: learn survival basics, CPR, knot tying, starting a fire, changing a tire, etc.

47. Sharing is Caring: Treat a less-fortunate person to dinner, either out at a restaurant or in your own home. Babysit for a friend or stranger, no charge.

48. Damn the Man!: Pick an activism cause at and run with it! Right now, I’m a fan of the Streetsmart Movement.

49. Movie Madness: Sit down and watch all of those movies you’ve been meaning to see, or that people have been telling you to see. Make a big batch of kettle corn too.

50. Pimp Your Brain!: Attend a random free evening seminar/lecture/class/program in the community or on campus. Educate yourself! Meet new peeps! Holla!

51. Kindergarten flashbacks: Relive your kindergarten memories this week by coloring in coloring books, eating graham crackers and apple juice, watching Sesame Street (and other children’s program), and, most importantly, taking naps! Yay! Don afropuffs and three layers of colored socks for a more authentic feeling.

52. ??????

I still need more! If you have suggestions, let me know!


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Kate said,

    Camry, I love these!! I’m stealing or slightly modifying #1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 (I was going to do #11, but that’s rough at work), 13, 21, 22, 36 and 42. Here are some I’m adding (but I don’t have super cute titles like you do):
    – Catch up on my scrapbooking
    – Have a chick flick movie night every night
    – Learn to drive a stick shift
    – Look into following my dreams: find a horse farm, dance studio and/or Christian mission organization I can work with
    – Conquer my fears: get back on a bike, rollerblade down a hill, etc.
    – Start training for a triathlon

  2. 2

    Owen Lowery said,

    You’ve got yourself a beautiful list here. Lots of educational ideas for yourself. I hope you do well.

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